(Quick Reference) Service: Delete a payment type

Description: Returns a JSON response.



URL with external_id:


Method: DELETE


NameDescriptionTypeRequiredExample values
idThe ID of the desired payment typeLong/Stringyes123

World pay and payment types with the references CASH, CREDIT_CARD, CHEQUE are not authorized to delete!

Success Output

Success case: response.status=200

  "success": "true",
  "success_description": "Instance deleted successfully"

Failure Output

Failure case:response.status = 400

  "error": "delete_failed",
  "error_description": "Failed to delete instance."

  "error": "delete_not_authorized",
  "error_description": "This type of payment must not be deleted"
  "error_description": "The type of parameter id you provided is not valid for this request."
Failure case:response.status = 404

  "error": "not_found",
  "error_description": "The payment type with the id 706 doesn't exist."

Failure case:response.status = 500
  "error": "server_error",
  "error_description": "Oops! Something went wrong..."