(Quick Reference) Service: Assign a delivery to an employee

Description: Returns the assigned operation in json format when successful. Returns a json response, describing the failure condition when unsuccessful.



Method: POST

Request content type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded or multipart/form-data


NameDescriptionTypeRequiredExample values
orderIdOrder should be not already delivered or assigned to an employeeLong/Stringyes 
userIdThe numerical ID of user to assign.Long/Stringyes 
desiredDeliveryDate Dateyes2016-04-12T19:30:48Z
useExternalIdBy default, it is set to false. set it to true if you want to use external ids.Booleannotrue , false

Success Output

Success case: response.status=201

    "id": 1260,
    "operationType": "ORDER",
    "reference": "1234567",
    "status": "PAID",
    "latitude": null,
    "longitude": null,
    "checkInDate": null,
    "total": 3097.5,
    "totalExclTax": 1750,
    "totalDiscounted": 1750,
    "discount": 0,
    "taxAmount": null,
    "shippingFee": null,
    "paymentDate": "2016-03-23T17:07:00Z",
    "paymentTypeId": 7,
    "paymentType": {
        "id": 7,
        "reference": "CASH",
        "name": "Cash",
        "href": "/valomniav2/api/v2.1/paymentTypes/7"
    "advanceAmount": 1000,
    "orderPayments": [
            "id": 1988,
            "reference": null,
            "href": "/valomniav2/api/v2.1/orderPayments/1988"
            "id": 1989,
            "reference": null,
            "href": "/valomniav2/api/v2.1/orderPayments/1989"
            "id": 1990,
            "reference": "the_last",
            "href": "/valomniav2/api/v2.1/orderPayments/1990"
    "orderPrepayments": [],
    "dueDate": null,
    "customerReference": "100",
    "customer": {
        "id": 100,
        "reference": "100",
        "reference2": "",
        "name": "Camimbo 100",
        "categoryReference": "Ref-01",
        "href": "/valomniav2/api/v2.1/customers/100"
    "currency": "EUR",
    "exchangeRate": 1,
    "employeeReference": "emp-00",
    "user": {
        "id": 4,
        "reference": "emp-00",
        "href": "/valomniav2/api/v2.1/users/4"
    "billingCountry": null,
    "billingCity": null,
    "billingPostalCode": null,
    "billingAddress": null,
    "deliveryStatus": "PENDING",
    "deliveryDate": "2017-02-13T10:25:00Z",
    "deliveryComment": null,
    "deliveryCountry": null,
    "deliveryCity": null,
    "deliveryPostalCode": null,
    "deliveryAddress": null,
    "orderLines": [
            "id": 1361,
            "href": "/valomniav2/api/v2.1/orderDetails/1361"
    "pdfUrl": null,
    "organization": "entity1",
    "dateCreated": "2016-06-29T11:12:00Z",
    "lastUpdated": "2018-05-15T17:24:46Z",
    "dateAddToBo": "2017-02-10T08:43:09Z",
    "deliveredBy": {
        "id": 4,
        "reference": "emp-00",
        "href": "/valomniav2/api/v2.1/users/4"
    "desiredDeliveryDate": "2018-07-10T16:00:00Z",
    "deliveredOn": null,
    "assignmentDate": "2018-07-10T11:41:43Z",
    "parentItemCategory": {
        "id": 2,
        "reference": "Ref-01",
        "name": "Home",
        "href": "/valomniav2/api/v2.1/itemCategories/2"

Failure Output

Failure case:response.status = 400

  "error": "save_failed",
  "error_description": "Failed to save instance."

    "error": "invalid_datetime_format",
    "error_description": "Invalid datetime format for desiredDeliveryDate it must be in this format : yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss'Z'"

    "error": "not_found",
    "error_description": "The Order with the reference 1234567 doesn't exist."

Failure case:response.status = 500
   "error": "server_error",
   "error_description": "Oops! Something went wrong..."