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3 Rate limit status - Reference Documentation

Version: 2.1

3 Rate limit status

Service: Rate limit status

Description: You can check your current rate limit status using the Rate Limit API described below. Rate limiting is implemented on a per-user basis.Requests are limited in 15-minute windows. The current threshold is 3000 requests per 15 minute.

All responses include headers with status info about rate limiting.

X-Rate-Limit-Limit : Maximum number of requests per minute to the endpoint

X-Rate-Limit-Remaining : Available requests remaining in the current window

X-Rate-Limit-Reset : Seconds remaining until the next window begins



Method: GET


HTTP status code: HTTP/1.1 200 OK

	"status": "ok",
	"limit": 3000,
	"remaining": 2942,
	"reset": 844

When limit is exceeded, request would then result in the following JSON response

HTTP status code: HTTP/1.1 429 Too Many Requests

	"status": "limit exceeded",
	"limit": 3000,
	"remaining": 0,
	"reset": 60